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Over the years, the Center for Public Interest Communications, the Radical Communicators Network (RadComms), and Milli developed intentional relationships through our collective work in social-justice communications. In 2019, we applied for the Gates Grand Economic Challenge together and earned a modest grant to collaborate on a project focused on narratives about poverty. Early on, we decided to focus on both poverty and wealth narratives to tell a complete story about how the rich get rich and why the poor remain poor.

BROKE is an opportunity for each of us to examine the stories we tell about poverty and wealth, and to work together to build new narratives rooted in the wisdom of lived experience, narrative power, organizing for economic justice, and social science.

The insights from BROKE help us understand where and how we can grow and transform as a community of activists, communicators, storytellers, and strategists dedicated to building a free and just world in which all people can live authentic lives with dignity.

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